Jaxay Shah Managing Director of Savvy President of CREDAI Reputed Builders in Gujarat Savvy Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. S. G. Highway Ahmedabad Gujarat India

“The year of 2017 could go down as one of the most revolutionary years in the history of the Indian real estate sector post-independence. The implementation of a number of critical reforms such as RERA and GST have initiated a new era of transparency and accountability which augurs well for the sustainable development of the industry. The long term benefits of the new laws are already starting to become visible with a gradual increase in demand for both – Residential and Commercial realty. Going forward, with the presence of an astute framework and infrastructure, 2018 will witness the continued momentum of the industry’s upward trajectory. The unceasing rise in demand for the affordable houses, coupled with the homebuyers’ fresh perspective on the industry due to RERA, the increase in demand for real estate properties is expected to rise even further given the renewed trust in the newly transformed eco-system. ”Jaxay shah National president CREDAI.

In Social Media lots of jokes and messages about failure of Govt Policy are being shared. One point which is missing from them is "retrospection" by the society. There may be some flaws in policy and implementation, but what is painful is, "WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA " , are determined to make it a failure. Here we simply means "we Indians as a society". Who so ever has got an opportunity to cheat the nation, has cheated using his full potential. Whether he is a banker, or cooperative society , or man allowing his account to be used, or a businessman giving entry if cash in hand is there and so on. It appears that everyone is determined to make the scheme failure and blame the government. Its not the defeat of the government but of India by its own citizens. Its sad and shameful actually. We talk big, compare our country with other nations like Japan, America ......but we never try to understand how nationalist citizens of that country are. How much they they contributed to make their nation great. A famous quote of JFK "Don't ask what nation has done for you; but ask yourself "what you have done for the nation" . Here in India everyone is expert giving his expert opinion on any subject without knowing even the basics of the same and full of depressing thoughts. At every nukad, tea stall, ..... sitting in lavish drawing rooms हम देश की सारी कमियां गिनवा देंगे and at the end will say, " कुच्छ नहीं हो सकता जी ईस देश का , सब साले चोर है। and if we just ask ourselves what is our contribution to make this nation better. Then ...mum.. मेरे परिवार में मेरे बच्चौं मे अगर कोई कमी है तो मैं हमेशा ऊन्हको कोसता ही रहुगां या ऊन्हे सुॉधारने के लिये कुच्छ करूगां भी। केवल कोसने से तो काम नहीं चलेगा। A humble request to all of us let's come out of our drawing rooms discussions and start contributing in whatever way at what ever levels be it family, society, mohalla, Town, city .....to make the nation better . But if "OUR SOUL HAS GIVEN UP, then sorry; BODY CANNOT WIN THE BATTLE 🇮🇳🚩 Jai Hind 🚩🇮🇳